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We provide international land transportation services for full and partial shipments between Bulgaria and Europe, many Middle East countries, Russia and the CIS countries



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Shipping your goods in a container provides a reliable, secure and cost effective service that meets your requirements. Container shipping offers you a wider choice of destinations and allows for secure transhipment.  If you have personal possessions that are to be shipped with your vehicle, container shipping may offer a more secure service.

Although generally alternative BB General Cargo mode is cheaper than Sea Container shipping, container shipping can add flexibility and can match or beat BB prices where more than one vehicle is being shipped.

With container shipping, there is the requirement to “stuff” the container and costs of haulage (auto transport) to and from the port.

Standard containers come in two sizes; 20′ and 40′ in length.


Have a care to safely load your cargo so that it remains well secured for the duration of shipment to destination and does not move within the container either while at sea or being loaded and unloaded from the ship.

At the loading facility, your cargo should be stuffed into the container and carefully positioned, well stuffed (mony levels), safely secured.  Materials as  straps, wooden dannge are then used to lash the cargo to secure eyelets within the container to ensure your cargo cannot move during transit.

All cargo shipping containers must comply with strict safety regulations confirming both their structural integrity and that they are deemed wind and watertight. These stringent requirements ensure that when loaded into a container, your cargo will remain safe and protected from the elements.

For a autotransport arrangement to ship your cargo in a container please use AUTO TRANSPORT ORDER



  • Stuffing – The container will normally be loaded at a warehouse, factory premisess outside of the port. Anything loaded into the container will be lashed down and secured, whether it’s a pallets, boxes, drums, crates or bundles
  • Customs Clearance – Depending on the port and method of export (CMR, TIR Carnet etc.) the shipment will be cleared with customs during the process. This may require a physical inspection.
  • Shunting – The container is shunted by auto transport truck/trailer from the warehouse / loading facility to the port.
  • Loading on to the carrier  – Your container will be loaded on the vessel and ready to ship to destination.


  • Disembarkment from carrier  – Your container will be unloaded from the ship and stored within the port.
  • Payment of Local port fees (THC) & charges – Local port fees will need to be paid – sometimes you can pay this direct or through your agent.
  • Customs Clearance – Depending on the port and method of import (Import Port, Import Transit) the shipment will be cleared with customs during the process. This may require a physical inspection.
  • Shunting – The container is shunted by autotransport truck/trailer from the port to a warehouse or loading facility.
  • Unloading – The container will be fully unloaded and returned empty to the port. Your cargo will be ready to use.